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I’ve noticed the question being asked a number of times in groups on Facebook recently with people asking what software to use to record tutorials or even just their screen. Well I have been using the perfect program, Active Presenter! Active Presenter is a free program you can download but
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Lately I’ve come across so many unsuspecting people that have fallen into the WordPress trap. Yes that’s right. If you’re a newbie and you have decided you need an online presence but want to take the plunge and create your own website good on you. But make sure you have
I thought that my schedule was hard last year but it’s nothing compared to this year. You see I wasn’t yet introduced to the school drop off and pick up. I have a beautiful four year old daughter who has started kindy this year and my thinking was that she
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If you are a Gmail/Gsuite user and would like to be able to schedule your emails directly from your mailbox then this extension may be perfect for you. Want more information have a read of our latest blog post.
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Have you taken the leap and started your own Virtual Assistant business? You have, that’s great congratulations! It can be a very daunting process especially if VA work is your only source of income. I thought I’d try and share some insight into my business that has now been running
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