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Getting Support For Your Business Onsite & Offsite

Getting Support For Your Business Onsite & Offsite

Have you heard the term Personal Concierge & Virtual Assistant?

These people can help you manage your business both off site and on site without costing you a fortune.

Sarah owns and operates her own business Tick That Box a Personal Concierge service where she helps you with tasks from grocery shopping to on site office support for small businesses.

Say for instance you have your Receptionist or Office Manager going on leave so you are needing a temp to fill the spot temporarilly, but you’re not too enthused about going through a temp agency who would more thank likely charge you a percantage to source you a temp. Here’s your other option ‘Sarah’. She will come to your office and help fill in for that person.

Tick That Box can help you with not only tasks for you business but personal tasks too.

Here’s how Sarah can help you.If you are not necessarily needing onsite support and you are happy to communicate with someone over phone, email and Skype then a Virtual Assistant may be the solution you need. This is where we come in at TLB Admin Support. Where Sarah offers you onsite support we take care of the offsite support, not to mention we both offer different services. Because we work from our own premises you can save on overheads if you are not necessarily needing an office space.

We help small businesses with projects such as website design, social media services, animated videos, admin support and just general customer service. If you have a task you need completing and it involves a computer more often than not we can help you.

As you can see it’s never been easier to get support for your business, we’re only a phone call away!

We will also have a booth at the Wanneroo Business Expo, so make sure to come down and say hi.

You can find out more information by clicking here and make sure to register and reserve your tickets for the special events on the day.






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TLB Admin Support
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Do you have a separate number for your business?

Do you have a separate number for your business?

Well I finally took the leap and got myself a separate phone number for my business for 2 reasons.

When I first started my business nearly 4 years ago I thought it would be easier to just use my mobile for both my personal and business calls, now nearly 4 years on I’m regretting that. On almost a daily basis I am getting scam calls and the sad fact is there is nothing I can do as my phone number is public on the internet. It’s on my website, free advertising sites EVERYWHERE! I now have the pain staking task of removing my mobile number from everywhere and replacing it with the new one.

The second reason is I want my business to be portrayed as more professional. When clients ring my mobile there is no way for me to tell that it’s a client, a lead or anything to do with business. Which leads to me sometimes answering the phone somewhat unprofessionally and casual.

So my question to you is – do you have a separate number for your business? How do you handle your business calls?

I was trying to find a way that I could have a landline number but having the ability to access it easily and not be tied to my computer or home. I found that Skype was the answer for me. I already have the app on my phone and have the program on my computer and use it anyway so why not get a skype landline number through them too, and their subscription plans were quite reasonable. I will now be able to have my mobile for personal and still answer from my mobile but for my business, and I can now start to SMS my clients from the new number too.

If you are looking for a solution to handling your business calls maybe take a look at Skype, it might be the answer you’re looking for too.

Screen Recording, Online Tutorials & Quizzes Made Easy

Screen Recording, Online Tutorials & Quizzes Made Easy

I’ve noticed the question being asked a number of times in groups on Facebook recently with people asking what software to use to record tutorials or even just their screen. Well I have been using the perfect program, Active Presenter!

Active Presenter is a free program you can download but it allows you to do so much.



It can be used for;

  • Smart Screen Capture – when you click the mouse each action is captured in a slide.
  • Full Screen Recording – this is perfect if creating an online tutorial. You can add voice overs, annotations, captions and special effects.
  • Voice Recording – while you are recording your screen you can also explain to your audience the process and record your own voice.
  • They have just added a new feature ‘webcam recording’ where you can record your screen and web cam at the same time.
  • You don’t need to have another program to edit your audio and video you can do this all from directly in Active Presenter
  • Make your presentations in line with your branding with colours and style effects.
  • You can export your video in multiple formats including the most popular MP4, AVI, WMV.
  • ‘New Feature’ – design your quizzes and e-learning in a fully responsive design which is adaptable for tablet, phone and PC.
  • It has that perfect interactive element, so you can make quizzes and e-learning to teach your audience.

Personally I don’t think you will find another Free program that will give you so many great features and is user friendly. These are only a few of the features to get a full understanding of the program or to download a copy or check out some demos that others have created with Active Presenter you can follow this link – https://atomisystems.com/activepresenter

What It’s Like Being A Work At Home Mum

I thought that my schedule was hard last year but it’s nothing compared to this year. You see I wasn’t yet introduced to the school drop off and pick up. I have a beautiful four year old daughter who has started kindy this year and my thinking was that she would be at kindy from 8.30am to 2.45pm and that gives me 5 ½ hours give or take 2-3 days a week, WRONG!

I found that once I got home from dropping my daughter off I’d make a coffee, put the washing on, do the dishes and then before I knew it I only got like an hours’ worth of work done. And yes I have now learnt that even though they finish at 2.45pm I have to leave home at 2.00pm even though I’m only 10 minutes away. But this family life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Running a small business you have to be on the ball. Your clients have tasks that they need completed and as a WAHM this has to be scheduled around family life but completed in a timely manner.

As a WAHM you need structure I found that in order for me to stay productive and get some actual work done I needed to schedule schedule schedule! Between Google Calendar and my task management program TickTick I have my day worked out even down to dinner time. Yes my week resembles more of a checkerboard than a calendar but you see I am a visual person everything is colour coded and set out in a weekly calendar view and it’s enlightening to see where your day actually goes.

I schedule;

  • School Drop Off / School Pick Up
  • Paid Client Work
  • Housework
  • Exercise
  • Dinner/Family Time
  • Social Events/Networking Events
  • Any Appointments (work/personal)

I do sometimes divert from the plan but at least I have a guide to stick to and I am able to tick some tasks off my list.

I think there is a misconception that WAHMs have all this free time to get stuff done when in actual fact our schedules are pretty much full, sometimes so full that we are up late at night working. It can be a juggling act and it keeps you on your toes. However having the ability to dictate my own schedule and be available for those precious moments with my daughter I wouldn’t change for the world. Being able to drop and pick her up from school, attend parent days and just overall have the flexibility to be both Mum, Wife and a Small Business Owner.

Help! I’ve started my Virtual Assistant business but can’t find customers

Help! I’ve started my Virtual Assistant business but can’t find customers

Have you taken the leap and started your own Virtual Assistant business? You have, that’s great congratulations! It can be a very daunting process especially if VA work is your only source of income. I thought I’d try and share some insight into my business that has now been running for over 3 years.

For me after not being able to find flexible employment so I could spend time with my daughter, I did a bit of research and stumbled upon Virtual Assistants, I decided that I would give it a go especially with my admin background. It doesn’t happen for everyone but after 1 month I signed up my first client and a couple of months after that my second (whom to this day I still work with). I currently have over 15 regular clients and have worked with many more over the years.

I see some people not only VAs struggle trying to find clients and they get disheartened when they can’t find work. You’ve probably heard it a lot ‘find your niche’ well I didn’t really know what my niche was when I first started I only knew how to do admin work there wasn’t anything specific that I thought I was good at. Finding your niche does take time and you will probably be able to define it more once you develop new skills. For me it was social media, animated videos & affordable WordPress Websites.

I’ve been to a few networking events now and all I have to do is introduce myself and I get called the ‘social media girl’ so it’s good to be known for something in particular.

Ok so how did I start, with a website. It wasn’t the most glamorous of sites, but it served its purpose. If you don’t have a website I believe you are doing yourself an injustice. Your clients want to know you are a credible business and you have the info to back it up.

Secondly as a must I made sure that I had a Facebook account and a LinkedIn profile, I do have a Twitter and Google+ account but as a start up business they are not essential it depends on what you are going to use them for. Google+ is great if you have a website and you will be blogging as anything that you share to Google+ will help your website rankings.

Social Media is a powerful channel all on it’s own but team that up with your website and you are bound to get more traffic directed to your website where you can show people what you do. Posting to your Facebook & LinkedIn accounts will not only help you to be found online but will also help build a following and bring in potential customers.

Thirdly, place an advertisement on all the free sites. There are so many out there but here are just a few.

  • Gumtree
  • Truelocal
  • HotFrog
  • Locanto
  • IBizProfile Australia
  • YellowPages

What you need to do now is utilize the Business groups on Facebook, there are heaps. All you need to do is either type the suburb and the word business or just business and you will find a long list of them that you can join. Create a unique advertisement, create a schedule and then share regularly to the groups to build brand awareness. You can just share your Facebook page and add some wording, but you will more than likely have a better response with an image/advertisement. Don’t forget you are trying to build your brand.

And lastly network, network, network. Your potential clients want to meet you. Yes, you may be a Virtual Assistant but that doesn’t mean you are stuck behind a desk isolated from the world. Join your local chamber of commerce search through meetup to find some groups but most of all just get out there. You will meet a variety of business owners and not all will be interested in your services however by planting that seed in their mind especially if they have not heard of a virtual assistant this can help you in the future. They may not need your services today, but they might 6 months down the track.


Tammy is the owner of TLB Admin Support and Online Biz Connect. With years of experience with administration she helps business owners grow and build their business by focusing on what’s important.