Are you running an online event or maybe a face to face group event and you need to manage bookings and payment. There are so many options out there however one simple and cheaper option is using TryBooking.

TryBooking allows you to create events, set limits for each event, specify payments for instance are you running a group session and hiring out equipment or will the participant bring their own. It allows you to keep a record of the attendees and if for some reason you need to switch someone between sessions you can do so easily. When setting up your event you can do these in advance and set the release date in the future.

As mentioned TryBooking is one of the cheaper options at 2.5% for the processing fee and 50c per ticket these costs can be forwarded onto the purchaser.

So if you are looking for a cost effective solution to organise bookings and accept payment then take a look at TryBooking.