Did you or do you use Mailchimp? Looking for a free alternative for your email campaigns?

Well I have the solution for you. Not only is Agile CRM a CRM but you can also use it to create email campaigns like you would normally in Mailchimp. Mailchimp used to offer with its free version the ability to segregant your lists so if you only wanted to send an email mailout to say your clients you could but now you can’t unless you upgrade to a paid version.

Add your contacts to the CRM, apply tags to separate your list, create your email template, set your automation triggers and away you go! BUT their email templates don’t stop there you can use it for everyday use to with your GMail account. Create a template with all the bells and whistles, add the Agile CRM extension to Google Chrome and you can import and use your templates in your GMail account without having to send your emails from Agile CRM.

With the free version of Agile CRM you get 500 free branded emails per month to use so if you don’t intend to send out heaps of emails then this is quite sufficient for a small business.

I’m not affliated with Agile however after testing many CRMs I have found this program by far the best CRM on the market.

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