I’ve noticed the question being asked a number of times in groups on Facebook recently with people asking what software to use to record tutorials or even just their screen. Well I have been using the perfect program, Active Presenter!

Active Presenter is a free program you can download but it allows you to do so much.



It can be used for;

  • Smart Screen Capture – when you click the mouse each action is captured in a slide.
  • Full Screen Recording – this is perfect if creating an online tutorial. You can add voice overs, annotations, captions and special effects.
  • Voice Recording – while you are recording your screen you can also explain to your audience the process and record your own voice.
  • They have just added a new feature ‘webcam recording’ where you can record your screen and web cam at the same time.
  • You don’t need to have another program to edit your audio and video you can do this all from directly in Active Presenter
  • Make your presentations in line with your branding with colours and style effects.
  • You can export your video in multiple formats including the most popular MP4, AVI, WMV.
  • ‘New Feature’ – design your quizzes and e-learning in a fully responsive design which is adaptable for tablet, phone and PC.
  • It has that perfect interactive element, so you can make quizzes and e-learning to teach your audience.

Personally I don’t think you will find another Free program that will give you so many great features and is user friendly. These are only a few of the features to get a full understanding of the program or to download a copy or check out some demos that others have created with Active Presenter you can follow this link – https://atomisystems.com/activepresenter