Do you struggle to find valuable content to post on your social media accounts?

You could probably spend hours upon hours scouring the internet, setting up Google alerts, checking your RSS feed and so on, but have you thought of checking Pinterest?

According to Omnicore more than 14 million articles are pinned each day, however for many Pinterest is one of those platforms that kind of gets forgotten but it’s such a valuable resource. There are millions of people that have taken the time to pin all these articles on a board for you. You just need to search within Pinterest.

It really is such an easy to use platform. Type 1-2 keywords and you get heaps of content pop up, then you need to just narrow your search by the tabs at the top. Take the below snippet for example I just typed ‘social media’ and it gave me all these options, from here I can mix up the content that I share.



Your business doesn’t need to have an account on each platform you just need to find what works best for you and be consistent. Hopefully by sharing this tip you can gain a few minutes or even hours back into your week by finding and scheduling your content ahead of time to keep the flow.