Google My Maps, have you heard of it?

I didn’t either until a couple of days ago. I was creating a website and needed a map that I could include service areas but most of the online ones I found required a payment for using these services. Then I stumbled across Google My Maps and viola it was the perfect solution for what I needed.

Google My Maps is free and all you need is a Gmail account. You can easily create custom maps which you can share with friends, family or even embed on your website and the best part is it’s interactive.

You can create as many maps as you like you can add markers and customize those markers say for instance you want to mark your home, the shops, the beach and other destinations with a different icon for each. Calculate the distance, what the best route is and how long it will take via bus, walking etc.

This is such a handy tool especially for those that need a map on their website. If you would like more information visit


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