Creating a website is a big deal!

There are quite a few parts and people involved in creating and designing a website. You have the ‘Business Owner’ the final decision maker. The business owner plays a huge part in creating a successful website, why’s that? No one knows your business like you do.

In order for the ‘Web Designer‘ to create your website they need the content that only you can provide. The more content and information the better. From there the Web Designer will create a design based on your content, design requests and branding. They can incorporate CTA’s (call to actions), messaging function, contact forms, online shops and much more depending on your requirements.

If you find it difficult gathering your content then you can engage the services of a ‘Copywriter’. A copywriter will help you put together content that not only sounds right but has the right keywords to help increase your SEO.

What’s next? The ‘SEO Expert’. If your main aim is to be found on Google then you need the SEO Expert. Not everyone can get results with SEO as it is a niche field. SEO takes time, and it involves finding the right keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and even blogging. It won’t happen over night but with persistence and the proper support you will get the results you are looking for (being found on Google).

What about paid advertising? This is where a ‘Digital Marketer’ comes in to play. Now that your website has been created and the SEO has been implemented to get you the best results on Google you now need a Digital Marketer to help you explore other avenues to drive traffic. This can be in the way of Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Specify your budget, and campaigns can be set up to drive traffic to your site depending on your desired result.

How about good old fashion organic posting on Social Media? The success of your website comes down to your marketing efforts. The more active you are in promoting your website the better the results. Sometimes just being active on your social media accounts and sharing advertisements with links to your website can drive results.

These are all points to consider, as you can see everyone plays a valuable part in determining the success of your website.