Curating Content Made Easy

Curating Content Made Easy

Having flowing relevant content to post to your social media can be hard to find and take up valuable time that you could be spending doing something else. That’s why Feedly & Pocket are my favourite content curation tools when managing my clients and my own social media.

Feedly & Pocket Are A Content Curators Godsend.

Once you have both programs set up to your liking you can expect to spend at least 2 hours a week curating content, depending on how many posts you want to send out.

Both of these programs are free to use and although you can pay to upgrade the free versions give you more than enough to work with. As with most programs these days they come with an App so you can access them on your phone or tablet making finding, saving and sharing articles easier.

With Feedly the free version allows you to have

  • Up to 100 feeds
  • Organize feeds into easy-to-read collections (up to 3 collections)
  • Save the best stories into boards (up to 3 boards)
  • Is available on Mobile and desktop
  • Share to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

This is a screenshot of what Feedly’s dashboard looks like.

Down the Left hand side you can see the different feeds that I want to monitor and you can organize them into folders. To view the most recent content you have the option to view the content ‘today’ and can also save them to read later, however you can’t add any tags.  You can also notice that on my toolbar I have the Pocket extension downloaded in Chrome, this in a fantastic little icon especially when you are surfing the web and want to tag/save something just click on this and it will be saved to Pocket.

Pocket also gives you recommended articles based on what you have previously saved. Although both these programs are similar Pocket is as the name suggests more for storing your content as it allows you to add multiple tags and lists, which is especially great if you are managing more than one business.

This is a screenshot of Pocket, there are a couple of different views for your list but this is my preferred view.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Social Media Marketing has grown over the last few years and in order to join other businesses in this day and age you need to make your presence known online, and it’s about having that steady flow of content to keep your followers engaged. Hopefully by sharing these little gems with you, you can be on your way to managing your Social Media more effectively and getting noticed more online.

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Facebook Tips For Your Business

Facebook Lists & Adding Your Contacts To Your Personal Page

Facebook lists are a great way to connect with your contacts on a more personal level. The way I see it  your Facebook business page is a great way of sharing useful content and updates on your business and then you have your personal Facebook page.

By posting informative useful content regularly to your account your connections are regularly thinking about you.

Your Business Facebook page is a great way to highlight your business news, sharing useful content like blogs and handy tips and tricks. It’s also a fantastic way to add a bit of personality and show your followers what you’re about. This could be in the form of motivational quotes, funny memes, videos and the list goes on. 

For those that want to build and strengthen their relationships with acquaintances whether they have met the person at a networking event or they are a client. Another way to do this is by adding them as friends on your personal Facebook page. You’re probably thinking I don’t want them to see all my family and baby photo’s, well there’s a way around that.

Here’s how

  1. Find the person you want to add and send a friend request
  2. Once that request is sent and accepted go to your personal page and find that contact in your friends list.
  3. Once you’ve found them then hover over the grey box that says ‘friends’ beside their profile picture.
  4. A dropdown list will appear where you can choose a list to add them to.

Tip: have a list named acquaintances & restricted
Acquaintance List – People who you might want to share less with
Restricted List – Friends who can only see posts and profile info you make public

This way when you want to post using your personal profile page you can choose who to share with whether it’s just your acquaintances, your friends or to the public.

When you want to view the news feed for your acquaintances or any other list then you can do this by going to your main timeline page where you can see your news feed.

Go to ‘Explore’ on the left hand side and then click on ‘Friends List’, this will display all your lists and from here you can click on the list to view that particular news feed.

I hope this has given you a few tips and an a better way to manage your contacts/friends on Facebook.

Google Hangouts – How You Can Utilize It In Your Business

Google Hangouts – How You Can Utilize It In Your Business

I’m just going to first start by saying I’m a Google lover. I use almost every product of theirs from Google Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Drive, Mail, Google+, Google My Business, anyway you get my point.

Have you heard of Google Hangouts? No?

This is such a valuable tool for not only businesses but for everyone. Below are some of the more useful things you can do with Hangouts, all you need is a Gmail account.

Useful Features

  • Have video calls with up to 9 other people
  • You can message people like you would on any other platform like Skype
  • Gives you an easy way to share photos, videos, location and also add some personality to your messages by using emoji’s and stickers.

Here’s a quick overview of what Google Hangouts looks like.


More information can be found here.

Google Hangouts just provides you with another free alternative for video conferencing and keeping in contact with your friends, family and clients. I hope you find it as useful and easy to use as I do.