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Do you need to be accountable for your time? Would you like to be able to handle your tasks within the same program? Have you been searching high and low trying to find a program that suits your needs and is FREE? Well take a peek at Grindstone. This fantastic
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Customer service is a vital part of successfully running your business, because without those customers hiring your services where would your business be. Are your customers getting the same experience with you that they would elsewhere, or do you make your customers feel special? Because isn’t that what everyone wants.
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Looking for a way to keep a list of your to-do’s but also want to be able to communicate with others without the hassle of emailing? Well I have just the program for you.  As you’ve probably noticed I like finding new apps and programs to help make the daily
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I’ve recently come across this app and thought I would share, it’s called CallTrack and available on Android. This app is particularly handy if you want to be able to track incoming, outgoing or missed calls. Your probably thinking why is it so great when I have a call log
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